About ActiveShade

The ActiveShade button, available from the Render flyout, creates an ActiveShade rendering in a floating window.
  • Main Toolbar > Render Production flyout > ActiveShade
  • Main Toolbar > Render Setup > Render Setup dialog > Target drop-down list > ActiveShade Mode
  • Keyboard > Shift+Q (Uses the Render mode active on the toolbar: either Production or ActiveShade)

ActiveShade gives you a preview rendering that can help you see the effects of changing lighting or materials in your scene. When you adjust lights or materials, the ActiveShade window interactively updates the rendering.

Choose ActiveShade mode by using the Render Production flyout or the Render Setup dialog  Target drop-down list. Choose the ActiveShade renderer by using the Render Setup dialog  Renderer drop-down list or the Render Setup dialog  Common panel Assign Renderer rollout.

ActiveShade preview of material changes

Above left: Before the update

Above right: After changing the material for the fabric to a mapped material and increasing the highlights on the material for the wood

ActiveShade preview of lighting changes

Above left: Before moving a light in a viewport

Above right: After moving the light

ActiveShade Commands

When you right-click an ActiveShade window, the quad menu displays an ActiveShade menu, which provides a number of ActiveShade commands.

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